Online Poker Practice

If you are new to the concept and game of poker, it has no doubt led you to this page whereby you wish to learn how to practice the game online. With our guide, we can make it very simple for you to learn all the rules of the game and understand how the game of online poker is represented.

Poker is a fantastic card game that has been played for hundreds of years, but there isn’t just one form of poker game available. Throughout every casino online you will be able to access a large number of poker variations from Pai Gow to Jacks or Better. The appeal of the game is very much in its diversity. Poker is actually perhaps the second more varied game behind online slot machines.

Given that there are so many options about, the best approach to practicing is to actually face the games head-on. Don’t worry, you won’t have to download anything or pay to play because we are talking about using demo games that are used by the top online casinos in South Africa that can be found right here.

All the Benefits of Using Demo Games

Demo games used by real casinos will give you a clear idea about the availability of games. These are made by licensed developers that have met the regulation standards for fair play. The reason why using authentic casino demos over, say, mobile app games, is that app games are not programmed the same at all. By having access to demo mode features, you have the very tools you need to learn how the casino games work. You will be able to play the very games you will later want to enjoy for real money payouts.

Demos are entirely free to use, and they don’t require any form of downloading at all. The option of demo gaming also allows you to explore the different variants of poker. At this stage, there are no live demos, those games run off of a totally different program because live games are streamed, so you have only two options to the format of the game. The first is virtual poker and the other, video poker. By having these tools, you are immediately able to compare, for example, if you prefer to play poker on a virtual table like a traditional game or whether you like the idea of playing poker like a slot machine game.

Study of the Game

There does, however, need to be a reality check when it comes to playing online casino games. This comes down to how the games are made. If you are practicing to play poker in general, that’s fine, you have many variations to learn the rule for and spend hours of time playing. If, however, your goal is all about learning poker to win inside the casino, then this is a whole different matter.

Casino games like poker are built with specific programs that dictate how the games are seemingly won, in fact, to be clear, when they decide to payout. There are two programs, the RTP software and the RNG software.

RTP projects payouts based on the money the machine has accumulated, so the more popular machines with this software will, in theory, payout more regularly. In terms of practice, you need to study which poker games are the more popular ones in the casino you’re looking to join.

The next program is the RNG, this projects payouts based on random points throughout the game. In terms of practicing for this, the approach is different. There is no clear way of telling when an RNG will land because it is random, but players study for patterns in the game which leads them to count the number of bet/deals between wins and going through every variant of the game to find those with more frequent hits on a win to better their odds.

The beauty with demo mode games is you have all the titles and time you need to learn about this. Essentially, you will learn more about winning through studying the actual functions of the game, that the rules itself, because all programs dictate when they payout regardless if you buy in for another card or not, or if you have a high scoring hand, beneath all that, the algorithms will either be for you or against you.